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Consumer Radio Service Warranty


Warranty will vary according to model. All warranties are found on the last page of the owner’s manual.

Will it hurt to leave my radios in the charger for more than the normal charge time?


If the radios are used on a daily basis, leaving them in the charger overnight and over the weekend is fine. You should not leave the radios in the charger full time, this will damage the batteries.

Does River Valley Radio sell used two way radios?


Yes!  Go to our Pre-owned Two way Radio Equipment page to find the our used two way radio equipment. 

Do I need to purchase a license from the FCC?


No! The FRS (Family Radio Service) radio channels (8-14) do not require you to purchase a license. An FCC license is, however, required for use of GMRS channels.

I don't get very good range with my Two-Way (or other) radio!

Transmission range for any two-way radio depends on local conditions and interference. You will get more range out in an open field or across a lake than you will inside a building or on a city street.As a general rule of thumb, if there are objects in the “line-of-site” between you and the other radio, your range will be reduced.

I’ve had my radios in the charger for three days but the battery icon only shows one bar when I turn it on.

When the radio is turned on you will see the battery symbol along with all of the other items on the display, this is just a display test and has nothing to do with the charge in the battery. If the battery gets low you will see the battery icon continously flash.

Does River Valley Radio repair Motorola two way radio equipment?

Yes!  We are a full service dealer and will repair most Motorola two way radio equipment.  We sell Motorola accessories as well.  We sell new Motorola radios.  

There are radios in stores that claim a 25 or 30 mile range – is that possible?

The truth is, under the best conditions, a hand-held radio will be able to transmit to another hand-held radio and receive the signal up to a distance of 5 to 6 miles. This is very dependent on what is in between the two radios like buildings, hills, trees can limit the range. The higher the radio frequency, the more line of sight the communications become.

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